About Us

Welcome to Western International College ONLINE (WINC ONLINE)

Western International College ONLINE offers degree programmes in specialist areas such as Business and Accounting. Students from various academic backgrounds and levels can join WINC ONLINE as a means to earn their Foundation, Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree qualifications.

WINC ONLINE is part of the multinational Knowledgucate Group of Institutions, headquartered in the UAE.

Knowledgucate owns and operates a chain of playschools, K-12 schools, Pre University Colleges, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree colleges as well as a University in India. It also owns and operates educational institutions in the UAE and the United Kingdom as well as offering programmes in the Online space.

WINC Online is the online/distance education wing of WINC, UK, exclusively set up to provide students an option of pursuing accredited qualifications without compromising on their work or family schedules. Programmes offered through WINC Online are in partnership with accredited institutions or Universities and taught and assessed to the same standards as those offered in the traditional mode.