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Difference between MSc Accounting & Finance And MBA Finance

Difference Between MSc Accounting & Finance And MBA Finance

MBA Finance graduates acquire broader skills and working knowledge whereas MSc specializes in a specific domain.

Career Options for Online MBA Degree graduates

21 Career Options with an Online MBA Degree

There are plenty of career options and job opportunities available for an online MBA graduate. Know about the various possibilities of an online MBA degree.

Myths about Online Education

9 Common Myths about Online Degrees

There are many myths about online programmes and distance learning education. The online degrees are as valuable as the regular degrees.

Best careers for analytical minds

7 Career options for analytical thinkers

If you are an analytical thinker, you can pursue a career in accounts, finances, logistics, engineering, project management and much more.

Pathway Programmes

Pathway Programmes

Pathway Programmes are preliminary courses for the students before they enrol in a University. International students who want to pursue higher studies in the US/UK or any other country

Soft skills with your MBA degree

Key soft skills required along with your MBA degree

With the gaining popularity of the MBA degree, the need of the hour is also to know what the employers are looking for in a candidate.

Everything You Need To Know About Top-Up Degree

Everything You Need to Know about Top-Up Degree

The academic world is becoming more refined day by day. Chances of students exploring the nuances of a subject are more present now than they were ever before.

Why is lifelong education a necessity

Why is life long education a necessity?

Lifelong learning or education is a requirement if someone wants to progress in his life. You need to always keep yourself updated with the latest knowledge of your industry.

What to know before committing to an online MBA Program

What to ask before committing to an online MBA Program?

Working professionals who are looking for career advancements, salary boost, and skill enhancements via career up-gradation courses must consider Online MBA programs.

Online MBA: What do Employers Think About It

Online MBA: What do employers think of that?

Online MBA degree is an evident example of the educational evolution made possible by the advancement in technology. All the reputed pro-technology institutions already accepted the change.